Dynamic Databases

     Customer relationship management is a prerequisite to the success of any sales organization. A Dynamic CRM table provides real-time access to the accounts, and is ideal for teams of all sizes, from an individual looking to quickly log interactions “on the go” from the mobile, to a startup, to an enterprise looking for a contact management solution for the entire sales organization. This tables are flexible enough to adapt to the sales process no matter the size of business or sales team, whether managing just a few customer relationships or tracking customer interactions across hundreds of clients.

     Each member of the team can create a personalized view for the work they need to accomplish, without getting distracted by other accounts. You can even change to a “calendar view” to quickly see past meetings requiring follow up, or upcoming meetings requiring preparation.

     If you're looking for an easy way to keep tabs of all of your commercial properties and tenants, whether you're managing an existing tenant or searching for a new one to fill an open unit, this kind of table is for you. I'll contain everything organized and every interaction will be seen live by all people involved in that particular scenario.

With this solution you can keep track of the status for all of your units, log any communication from your tenants, talk to administrators, maintenance, etc...

Live Analythics

     Our live web analytics systems are a complete set of tools that lets you see just about everything you could ever want about your website traffic.  It combines historic reporting with real-time website monitoring in a way that is both easy and elegant. As far as software goes, it's hard to find a better combination of simplicity, power, and value.

    You'll have a back-end dashboard where all the relevant information will be at your disposal.