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Oculus Rift VR allows users to experience spaces with full motion and control. This is not a point to point motion, like panorma tours, but instead an immersive experience with sounds, touch and physical mobility. Clients will EXPERIENCE exactly what they'll get in real life.

  • For Huge Interactive Master Plans for Investor Presentations

  • For Fairs demonstrations

  • For physical sale office experience

Oculus Rift Demo
Mondriam Developments

Oculus Rift Demo


A stereoscopic panorama is a pair of images, taken simultaneously with two lenses placed like our eyes, about 65 mm apart and looking in the same direction. When presented to the two eyes, these images give the impression of seeing a 3D space, because it generates a depth of field sensation. This can be done for smart phones with good quality, or Oculus Go for Super-High Quality.

     Turn your Android or iOS mobile phone together with Google Cardboard in your entry ticket to the virtual reality 3D world. Start an app or video, put your mobile into the cardboard, hold it in front of your eyes and look through the two lenses of the cardboard. For each eye a slightly different picture is shown on your phone's display. This is how 3D is created directly in your hand.

     Then show the cardboard where you want to go, the accelerometer in your smartphone measures your head movements and transfers them into the virtual world. If you look up, the image on your display will follow, if look to the left or right, the image will follow to left or right, etc.

Googel Cardboard

Googel Cardboard

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