Three elements are needed for a complete VR experience. First, a credible and highly detailed virtual world to explore. Secondly, a computer powerful enough to adjust our experience in real time (changes in what we see or hear). Third, specialized hardware; a helmet of virtual reality helmet linked to the computer, which empowers us to totally immerse ourselves in the world we have created. Mondriam develops the virtual experience and provides customers with specialized hardware and software tailored to their needs.

We also develop virtual reality experiences for mobile devices.
In order to try the following example, we recommend a relatively new smartphone and a Cardboard VR or a headset for mobile phones VR experiences.


Pano Tours

Compatible with all devices

A Panoramic Tour offers the opportunity to experience internal and external spaces with a 360º field of view from any device with an active internet connection. It is the most universal and versatile of interactive formats. The loading times (download time) of each virtual space to be displayed last less than 2 seconds on average.

These experiences offer the possibility of adding maps that show the current location in the virtual space, so the user can better understand the spatial information, and its relation with the rest of the project.




This type of Interactive experience within the Facebook environment grants viral advantages as well as highly specialized data collection tools. You can incorporate an interactive 360º video or an immersive / interactive 3d model in the facebook timeline.


Interactive sites with virtual touring 3d models and rich analytic reports. Vast content multilingual sites, connected with social networks. Search engine optimization (SEO), data bases and more...



A new way to make 3d master plans for big spaces. Captures the real space and makes it interactive.

Interactive Web App

Let's work together and build something customized for specific needs



From 1st person models to 2D interactive maps. Whatever kind of interaction you want to add to your website to make it more engaging.

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